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STOPRUG™ is a universal antislip underlays for rugs, suitable for use on ail types of floor: carpet, parquet, marble, tile, linoleum, plastic coating, laminated, vinyl, etc. lt holds rugs in place on floors and protects the floor against premature wear.
STOPRUG™ antislip underlays ensure comfort and avoid rippling and distortion of the rug.


Non-woven 100% polyester, thermally bonded and needle-punched.

Resin with acrylic binder.


Laid under the entire surface of the rug, set back slightly from the edge.

For large rugs, lay sections side by side


Approx. 4 mm.


255 gsm


Complies with Oeko-tex® 100 class 1


SHEET : 60 x 120cm.

SHEET : 120 x 180cm.

SHEET : 160 x 220cm.

SHEET : 180 x 280cm.

* Other dimensions on request.

ROLL : 60 cm x 30ml.

ROLL : 90 cm x 30ml.

ROLL : 120 cm x 30ml.

ROLL : 150 cm x 30ml.

ROLL : 180 cm x 30ml.

ROLL : 220 cm x 30ml.

ROLL : 240 cm x 30ml.

ROLL : 300 cm x 30ml.

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