FOXI & GRAPH company works exclusively with professionals.

4 families of products that do nothing less than provide solutions! 

At Foxi & Graph, we offer multiple “solutions”, solutions to suit your needs, business sectors, the use of the product and its technical limitations. Foxi & Graph’s products are all made in Europe.


  • for floors to make slippery areas safe, protect entrances and make them safe, insulate, fasten coverings, protect or temporarily glue, etc.
  • environmentally friendly to keep rugs in place thereby preventing slips and falls on the one hand, and protecting them from premature wear and tear, on the other.
  • to reinforce and/or embellish your leather goods, small leather goods, belts, travel goods, saddlery, etc., thanks to bonded leather (recycled leather).
  • to protect and embellish your books, diaries, photo albums, etc. through our covering materials such as cloth, paper, coated substrates and bonded leather (recycled leather).
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