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Floor solutions

Securise your floors

Foxi & Graph provides indoor or outdoor solutions for the protection of floors.

For which environments and uses?

Whether indoors and/or outdoors, all busy areas, which may sometimes be wet or frozen, may need Foxi & Graph safety mats: company offices, shopping centres, event venues, hotels, local authorities, retirement homes, construction sites, ski resorts, swimming pools, aquatic centres, etc. In particular, places such as gangways, bridges, boats, stairs, etc.

What are the advantages?

  • Non-slip for increased safety avoiding slips and falls.
  • Durable: Foxi & Graph safety mats can withstand temperatures of between -25°C and +60°C.
  • “Non-flammable”: our mats are all certified as “flame retardant”, a European standard that public buildings must meet. In the event of fire, little or no smoke will be released.
  • “Easy to install”: they are easy to cut and install, always on a clean, dry floor. It is not recommended to install on frozen floors or on hard, polished floors (marble).

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