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To temporarily glue

MULTITAPE is a multi-functional adhesive tape.

What are its uses? MULTITAPE can be useful in a shop, a company, a warehouse, etc. This product allows the marking out of areas on flat or smooth surfaces. This product can be used, for example, to enforce social distancing, delimit dangerous areas or storage areas, organise the work space, protect surfaces, etc.

What are its advantages? Removable and very adhesive, it can be applied to almost all smooth, flat surfaces such as metal, wood, aluminium, ceramic, glass, etc. It can also be used on some carpets. Its unique ribbed structure ensures that it tears straight. Once placed, it does not come off. It does not leave any sticky residue, and can be written on.

What are its characteristics? The multifunctional tape is made of PVC with a rubber adhesive layer. The tape is white and several formats are available: with a thickness of about 0.150 mm, it is available in rolls of 5 cm x 33 m or 10 cm x 33 m

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