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To protect entrances and make them safe

The entrance to the building is the first impression that visitors have. Slips and falls are among the main causes of accidents in the workplace and areas open to the public. It is in this context that Foxi & Graph offers a range of entrance mats comprising materials with multiple uses and advantages.

What are the uses?
Indoors, all entrances to professional or public buildings, such as corporate offices, shopping centres, event venues, local authorities, retirement homes, hotels, ski resorts, aquatic centres, artisans, etc. are likely to need Foxi & Graph’s Frontrunner mats.
Designed for safety, durability and cleanliness whilst maintaining an attractive appearance, Foxi & Graph entrance mats are designed for heavy-duty use: they absorb moisture and trap dirt.

Installation and cleaning are no longer an issue!

What are the advantages?

  • Cleanliness: the diamond pattern scrapes soles and wheels clean, thereby preventing dirt from entering the building, while the open mesh structure allows dirt and debris to fall into the cells.
  • Non-slip for increased safety: through their non-slip properties, Frontrunner entrance mats prevent slips and falls.
  • Durable: their manufacturing properties allow them to withstand various situations such as UV light, temperature (from -23° to 60°C) and weight. They are also all heel and vehicle-wheel resistant, and withstand heavy-duty use in busy pedestrian areas.
  • Environmental protection: no substances included in the REACH SVHC list (Substance of Very High Concern that is potentially harmful to the environment of health) are used in making the Frontrunner mat range.
  • Acoustic protection: all Frontrunner mats have excellent sound absorption.
  • “Non-flammable”: the mat is certified as “flame retardant”, a European standard that public buildings must meet. In the event of fire, little or no smoke will be released.
  • Easy to lay: the mats all adapt to irregularities in floors. They can be laid on the floor or in an embedding pit. Their single-piece design allows them to be cut without a prior site inspection. However, it is not recommended to lay them on hard, polished floors (e.g. marble).
  • Easy to clean: they can be cleaned by simply rolling them or lifting them, with no special tools required. They are also easy to vacuum clean.
  • Special format: on request, all Frontrunner mats can be ordered in a “custom” format

What is it made of?
The mesh structure is made of PVC and the textile is made of polyamide.

Where does it come from?
The Frontrunner range is manufactured in the United Kingdom. The materials used for manufacturing are of European origin: the textile comes from Belgium and the brush from Germany.

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