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Frontrunner SB +

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Absorbent heavy-duty entrance mat with a specially designed base to stop dirt and moisture.

The rugged, structured surface of the mat traps dirt, while the mat’s strips absorb moisture, thereby helping to limit the amount of dirt that enters the building. It is heel and vehicle-wheel resistant. Through its low thickness, it is ideal for renovation and perfectly suited to new floors such as LVT, laminate. The Frontrunner SB+ is ideal for heavy-duty use in busy areas: entrances to shopping centres, buildings, businesses and hotels.

  • Close mesh grid
  • Structure with absorbent polyamide textile insert.
  • Etched pattern.
  • 6,5/8 mm.
  • 6,3 kg/m²
  • Rolls.
  • Special sizes.
  • Roll : 1 x 10 m
  • UV resistant.
  • Wheel and heel proof.
  • Adapts to different pit depths.
  • Adapts to soil irregularities.
  • Glued and loose laying.
  • R11 slip resistance.
  • V10 drainage capacity.
  • Cfl-S1 fire retardant.

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