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Frontrunner Plus

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Heavy-duty absorbent entrance mats specially designed to stop dirt and moisture.

The FRONTRUNNER PLUS is a mat that alternates between mesh and textile. The aggressive strip of the mat surface scrapes soles and wheels, while the absorbent textile inserts remove and dry out any moisture. Interiors stay looking good longer and coverings last longer. Wheel and heel resistant, Frontrunner Plus is ideal for heavy-duty use in busy areas: entrances of shopping centres, companies, hotels, etc.

  • Grid structure with absorbent polyamide textile insert.
  • Highly structured surface.
  • 14/16 mm.
  • Available in a low-profile format : 10,5 mm.
  • 10,5 kg/m² Low Profile version : 8,7kg/m²
  • Rolls
  • Special sizes.
  • Roll : 0,6 x 10 m
  • Roll : 0,91 x 10 m
  • UV-resistant.
  • Heel and wheel proof.
  • Installation of a flush or recessed floor with finishing.
  • Safety mat in two thicknesses to meet the pit's depth.
  • Adjusts to crooked flooring.
  • Loose or adhered lying.
  • Cfl-S2 fire retardant.

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