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Antislip underlays for rugs

Avoid slipping

Ecological solutions to keep your rugs in place

Foxi & Graph offers non-slip products that provide an effective support for mats on all types of floors.

What are the advantages? Non-slip mats protect carpets from premature wear and tear and prevent rippling and distortion, while providing comfort. This ensures that rugs are held firmly in place (thus preventing slips and falls) thereby extending their service life. They are all washable, suitable for underfloor heating and easy to cut.

Foxi & Graph offers two lines of non-slip mats for rugs:

1- Non woven” suitable for all types of floors: hard or textile.

2- Meshed” used for hard, smooth floors which are characterised by their composition as well as by their thickness and aeration.

How are they laid? These non-slip mats are installed under the entire surface of the rug with a slight gap from the edge. For larger sizes, it is necessary to lay the cuts side by side and if the non-slip mat is laid on new carpet, you must wait for the end of the shedding process (loss of excess fibres) before laying it.

Where does it come from?: all Foxi & Graph’s non-slip mats are made in France or Germany.

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