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Bonded Leather

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What are the uses?

Foxi & Graph offers a wide range of products made of synderm (recycled leather) for leather goods and small leather goods (wallets, cases, pouches, etc.), belts and bracelets, travel items (briefcases, suitcases, etc.), office items (desk pads, pencil holders, etc.), saddlery, etc. Synderm (recycled leather) is made from leather fibres. It thus allows leather offcuts to be recycled and offered a second life. It is available untreated or coated with finishes (many colours and grains available) to match your projects for the reinforcement, protection, embellishment of your products.

Foxi & Graph offers 2 types of synderm (recycled leather)

  • Untreated synderm (recycled leather).
  • Coated synderm (recycled leather). As in the case of untreated synderm, it is used for the above-mentioned items but this material can also be used in furnishing to protect and embellish furniture, armchairs, seats, stools, etc..

What are the advantages?

  • Recycled product: recycled leather, made from natural and renewable raw materials
  • Easily worked: it can be easily trimmed, slit and sewn
  • Can be coloured
  • The finished product has good durability
  • It can be coated and grained

What is it made of?

Foxi & Graph’s synderm (recycled leather) is made from leather offcuts that are first ground and then bound with natural latex.

Where does it come from?

Synderm is manufactured in Germany.

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