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Skinflex Vira Universal 3 mm

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VIRA UNIVERSAL is high-end, light beige coloured bonded leather (recycled leather) product, 3 mm thick. This product has been specially developed for the production of welts and has an excellent tensile strength.

Also note: various sizes, rolls and thicknesses are stored in Yvelines: tell us about your needs and we will help you make the best choice!

What are the advantages?

This product has the same advantages as all the other bonded leather (recycled leather) products:

  • recycled product: recycled leather, made from natural and renewable raw materials,
  • easily worked: it can be easily trimmed, slit and sewn,
  • can be coloured,
  • the finished product has good durability,
  • it can be coated and grained.

This material also has an excellent tensile strength

  • Made of leather and latex fibers.
  • Easily cut.
  • Light base : light beige color.
  • 3 mm.
  • Plates : 100 x 140 cm.

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