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Couvrotec Buckram 240 gr

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COUVROTEC BUCKRAM 240gr is a cloth intended, in the same way as for the other cloth products, for covering books, diaries, albums and luxury cardboards. COUVROTEC is particularly used for binding library books or conservation boxes.

What are the advantages?

COUVROTEC BUCKRAM is a 100% cotton cloth that is not laminated on paper, and which is coated with an acrylic that is ideal for use in manual or industrial binding.

All “cloth” products can be marked. 2 types of marking can be considered:

  • Hot marking
  • Silk-screen printing

Choose from 51 colours!

  • Cloths not laminated on paper.
  • Acrylic coated cloths.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Hot stamping.
  • Silk-screening.
  • Special size (sold by the linear meter)
  • Width : 104 cm.
  • Length : Sold by the meter.

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