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Cryluxe Manhattan

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CRYLUXE MANHATTAN is a smooth-grained, coated substrate.

What are the advantages?

This ecological, very flexible material can be marked (logos, company name, visuals, etc.). For this purpose, several processes can be considered:

  • hot marking
  • silk-screen printing
  • embossing
  • round corners, false raised bands

Many grains and colours are available: make your choice!

What are its characteristics?

CRYLUXE coated material are 30 mm thick and 132 or 134 cm wide. It is sold by the metre. It weighs 130g/m².

  • Smooth grain.
  • Matte Color.
  • Black color.
  • Hot marking.
  • Silk-screen printing.
  • Embossing.
  • Round corners, false raised bands.
  • approx. 0,30 mm.
  • 130 gsm.
  • Special size (sold by the linear meter)
  • Width : 132 cm or 134 cm.
  • Length : Sold by the meter.

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