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FOXCOVER is a self-adhesive film that can be used temporarily to protect hard or textile floors and stairs during work. Lightweight and non-slip, it is designed to protect large areas. There is a significant time saving when laid using an applicator (1,000 m² in 1 hour). The product is easy and quick to lay.


  • Low linear density polyethylene.
  • Hard floor.
  • Fabric floor.
  • Approx. 100 µ / 68 µ.
  • Version 100 µ: 35 kg.
  • Version 68 µ: 28 kg.
  • Roll.
  • Roll 36 m² : 60 cm x 60 m.
  • Roll 415 m² : 83 cm x 500 m.
  • Install on clean, dry floor.
  • Always use the appropriate film version for the floor type: Fabric version for fabric floors / hard floor version for hard floors.
  • Allow for the risk of condensation.

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