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Papers and cards

Foxi & Graph offers a wide range of paper or cardboard covering products: the SURBALIN range.

What are the uses?
SURBALIN is a mass-dyed paper specially designed for covers and flypages. It is also suitable for covers and packaging, binders or pouches.

What are its characteristics?
This product is available in several grains and colours to personalise all solutions:
• mass-dyed paper: to colour a piece of paper, dyes can be added to the pulp or simply to the surface in a later phase of the manufacturing process. The difference can be seen when the sheet is torn: mass-dyed paper has the same colour on its surface and throughout.
• high-strength grained paper.
• long-fibre paper

What are the advantages?
All “paper” products can be marked. 4 types of marking can be considered:
• Hot marking
• Silk-screen printing
• Offset printing
• Embossing
All products are high strength, especially long-fibre paper made from softwoods such as pine, fir, spruce , etc. which give it excellent strength.

What sizes are available?
While the paper weight and size of rolls depend on the chosen grain, its format, whatever the chosen product in the SURBALIN range, is 70×100 cm. The number of sheets comprising a package is 100 or 250.

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